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It is inevitable to bring all the dust and dirt from streets to the house if you wear the same shoes both inside and outside the house. Moreover, if you step on the carpet with those shoes, all the dust attacks to the fibers of the carpets. This shortens the life of the carpet. However, just like all products, good maintenance will increase the life of carpetsas well.

There are many techniques used for cleaning the carpets. However, regular vacuuming will be enough. It is important that there is no stain on the carpet. When something is poured on the carpet, it should be cleaned out as soon as possible. When there is a food stain on the carpet, apply shaving foam on the stain and wait for fifteen minutes. When you rinse it with a mixture of water and vinegar, you'll see there is no trace. There are such practical solutions for cleaning carpets. The important point in the cleaning processes is not to deform the carpet during cleaning. No matter how resistant is the stain; it is not to be cleaned by rubbing. Trying to clean the carpets in this way does not help to get rid of the stain but only makes it spread. Cleaning out the stain with soft touches will be a more proper solution. It is harmful for carpets not to vacuum all the water on the carpets after using a carpet washing machine. In order to get rid of this trouble, it is important to set the drying time correctly. Also, using high quality products for cleaning will protect your carpets. At this point, it is beneficial to use high quality products recommended by the professionals. There is a protective feature on the new carpets provided by the manufacturing company. However, this protective feature is worn by time depending on the frequency of stepping on and vacuuming the carpets. When carpet shampoo is used for cleaning, it is necessary to rinse the carpet just like we rinse our hair after using shampoo. Since shampoo leaves sticky dregs on the carpet, it is not possible to rinse it completely. Thus, the carpets take all the dust and dirt out of your shoes and consequently, you have very clean shoes but dirty carpets. On this account, itis helpful to prefer dry cleaningmaterials as much as possible.

In order to provide a wonderful image for the carpet, it is necessary to regularly and thoroughly clean the carpets with a vacuum cleaner. Especially vacuuming the parts, where pedestrian traffic is dense, eliminates the dust particles which damage the fibers and form a matte image. It is also helpful to use doormats at the entrances in order to diminish the dust and dirt. In this way, carpets get less dirty and are protected from dirt and dust. The role of a good quality vacuum cleaner is significant in lengthening the life of a carpet. Almost all vacuum cleaners eliminate the dust on the surface of the carpet. However, you need a high quality vacuum cleaner in order to clean the carpet thoroughly and eliminate the dust and dirt deep in the carpets. Professionals recommend vacuum cleaners with spiral brushes. Thus, it gets easy to get rid of the dust even in the deepest part of the carpets. Since this kind of cleaner can damage thick flocculent carpets by roughening and pullingthe piles, it is more useful to get a

high quality cleaner with high vacuuming performance. If the carpet is newly bought and you want to keep its form like in the first day, there are three things you should do. The first one is regularly vacuuming the carpet. The second one is immediately cleaning the stain on the carpet. And the final one is having professional carpet cleaning periodically. When vacuum cleaners are inefficient for eliminating the stain and dirt, it is good to have professional carpet maintenance and cleaning. The carpets should be cleaned by a professional and qualified cleaning staff periodically. Most carpet manufacturing companies recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year. The dust and dirt on the carpets cause erosion. At the same time, it causes the deformation of fibers. The denser the pedestrian traffic on the carpet is, the more frequently the carpet should becleaned.

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