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The colors of the carpets, just like the patterns, have special meanings. The colors chosen reflect the characteristics of the chooser in a way, and give clues about the personality of the chooser.

People who choose colors such as blue, grey, lily, black and white are niggling and organized. Umber tones, red, orange, olive green and other warm colors are generally chosen by people who are cool, interested in art, generous, cheerful and optimistic. Color is the most important factor affecting the purchase of a carpet. Carpet customers do not prefer carpets with only certain tones of colors. There is seen various tones of colors on the carpets such as peach color, salmon, wine red, cherry, spruce, jade, mushroom, vanillin, emerald, sapphire and lead. Special carpets, colors of which are chosen according to the furniture, could be produced by the factories on request. Even desired patterns and photographs could be applied on the carpets on request. The colors of the carpets are behind the trend colors of the fashion industry by a few years. Thus it is easy to foresee the trend colors in the carpet fashion for the next years only by looking at the colors of women dresses. Previously grey, lily and silver were the trend colors but now warm jewelry colors are in fashion. Carpet manufacturers present options from the preferred colors scale.

Colur Language

Red: Red, which is more symbolic than any other colors, is a brave and energetic color. It also symbolize fire and love. Red is not only the color of romantic, powerful, dynamic and sociable people, but also the color of those who wants to take control of the events and dominate their environment. The Red people always want to work and like adventure and taking risks. It is very difficult for them to just sit and rest without showing in a good performance. Red is the choice of family members who usually go out and like being social as well as like travelling.

It is an optimistic, clear and happy color. Yellow, which is thecolor of sun, flowers and fruits, is the most attractive of all colors. It givesphysical and mental energy andspreads warmness and positivity.Yellow is not only the color of wisdomand knowledge, but also thechoice of people who are sociable,positive, clever and friendly. Goldentones represent people who has a lotof bright ideas and spreads theseideas to the people around them.

Green, which is the color ofnature, represents calm and easypersonalities as well as love of natureand a healthy life. Maybe a gardener,or people who are interested inart of healthy living may choose thiscolor. Green is the best choice forcreating a relaxing and peacefulenvironment. People who choosegreen are generally hesitant andcannot easily decide, they let someoneelse choose the colors.

Blue, which is the color of sky, sea and water, gives the feeling of relief. The Blue people are generally withdrawn. They also love peace and silence. Blue is the right choice for those who want to keep away from the stress of modern life and create an own paradise.

Orange: Orange is a refreshing and lively color and a good choice for cheerful and emotional people who want to enjoy their homemade food and at the same time enjoy a good chat with people around them. The Orange people live a practical life and have a good communication with people around them. It is the right choice for those who don't want to stay alone and can make new friends easily.

Black and White:
They reflect the characteristics of people, who want to gain the control and need neatness. These people are in an effort to simplify their lives and go back to their origins. They are generally busy with one issue and follow one route in their lives. It also symbolizes the search for simplicity and plainness. Pink: Although it is a tone of red, it symbolizes a different type of personality. It symbolizes the nature of people which is full of love and care. It is a good choice for compassionate people who try hard for the benefit of others.

Violet: It is a mixing color of blue and red and has a velvety image. Violet reflects the personality of fanciful people.

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