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Erhan Ör: "National interests and benefits are of the highest priority to us. We feel the responsibility of representing our nation, more than the responsibility of our firm, at all the organizations we join and all the awards we achieved."

50 x 50 Hereke Carpet, which consists above 25 million knots per square meter and mostly 53-55 knots" did not only rank among the Guinness World Records, but also represented our country in the world. We have talked about this success and Hereke Carpet with Erhan Örfrom Han Carpets.

Firstly, can you introduce yourselfand your firm, please?

Who is Erhan Ör? I was born in Hereke in 1970 and I can say that I met with this job just a I was born. My great grandfather, Veyis Agha, started working as a weaving chief at the Hereke Ottoman Carpet Factory, which was founded in Hereke in 1843. After the Law on Family Names, just like most of the people, our grandfather has chosen a family name related to his profession and dedicated "Ör" to our family. This means appointing my job when I was born. While I was a student at Galatasaray High School, I never missed the famous carpet bazaar of Hereke. I have grown up in the art of carpet since my childhood, thus I have a good knowledge on carpets, especially Hereke Carpet. Even, I sometimes weave it myself. People may have heard about us from countless articles, news and TV programs about our business. I can say that we contributed much to the brand equity of Hereke. Han Carpets is the only company, which maintains production of Hereke carpets with a high potential, which has been favored by many politicians, businessmen and artists all over the world. Despite all the complications, Han Carpets increased the range of products and tries to increase the number of weaving loom.

Would you inform us on the practice"Personal Certificate"?

What is the system of this practice? Hereke Association of Carpet Business was founded in 2001 with the contributions of myself, my close friend Cemalettin Fidancı, Constituent Chairman of Körfez Chamber of Commerce, who has recently passed away, members of parliament, bureaucrats and art lovers. Within the association, which I continue the chairmanship, we have registered and certificated thousands of Hereke carpets and ensured many people do their shopping complacently. We have learnt to honor our products first by ourselves with the packaging and other elements.

HAN CARPETS If we talk about Hereke carpet, can you inform us on this subject? Which factors do you focus on most while choosing the patterns and colors?

Hereke Carpet has evolved since the foundation of Hereke Ottoman Carpet Factory in 1843. At the beginning, the prayer rugs woven for Topkapi Palace were designed in the perception of Turk-Islam synthesis. Later, the carpets woven for Dolmabahce Palace were designed in accordance with the European patterns reflected in the interior decoration of the palace by the architects. After the Republic of Turkey was founded, the factory was transferred to Sumerbank Institution and more standard carpets were produced with flower patterns and dominating colors, dark blue and red. Upon the request by the foreign market and revival of tourism sector, especially silk carpets were produced with various patterns and colors addressing every good taste. All these stages enriched the history of Hereke carpet and created a great range of patterns and colors consisting of ten thousands of patterns and colors. During my education on interior architecture, I realized the significance of visual balance in the envi ronment and focused my studies on this issue. Each Hereke carpet is a work of art which has the value of a collection itself and each of them should be evaluated uniquely. However, the comfort of the user of the carpet is important as well. The keyword here is "harmony". Harmony does not mean uniformity; yet we should create harmony with contrasts as well. In terms of designing patterns, I start working with sample area of use and fabric selection in mind.

As Han Carpets, you have been awarded with international prizes. In addition to these awards, you have been ranked in the "Guinness World Records Book" with the carpet woven with very thin yarn. What is the secret of this success?

National interests and benefits are of the highest priority to us. We feel the responsibility of representing our nation, more than the responsibility of our firm, at all the organizations we join and all the awards we achieved. We are a nation endowing the carpet to the world. However, unfortunately, we saw that a single-node Chinese carpet was ranked in "Guiness". That day was the day we stepped up to the plate. With the new materials, we achieved to raise the previous record of 38 x 38 to 40 x 40. However, that was not a satisfying difference for us. We aimed at breaking a decisive record and end all the arguments on this issue. We created a carpet with 50 x 50 knots per square centimeter, even 53-55 knots at most parts of the carpet, which we wouldn't believe if we were told like fifteen or twenty years ago. This fineness, which is averagely 25 million knots per square meter, is absolutely not the success of one person but a team spirit. Every single person, designer, outfitter, weaver, washer etc., worked hard for this success. We are proud of representing our region and country by bringing this record to Hereke.

As far as we know, there is a contest between silk carpet and woolen carpet. According to you, what distinguishes silk carpet from the others?

When silk carpet is in talk, Hereke has a special place. As you know, there are many mixed carpets sold as silk carpets. Even flush carpets are sold as if they are silk or synthetic. Hereke carpet is always produced of whole long yarns made of pure silk cocoon. There are no other natural fibers stronger and more beautiful than pure silk. The reason why Hereke carpets have been favored all over world for years is that it does not sacrifice the quality of the materials used. Besides, there are many places appropriate for use of woolen carpets in terms of the area of use and visuality. The key point here is not sacrificing the quality no matter what materials you use. You have to use the best material, whether it is silk or wool, if you have respect to your products, to your customers, and the most important, to yourself. You have to defend what you produced!

You have sales in domestic market and foreign market. Could you tell us about your goals and investments?

We plan to increase the number of shops in domestic market in shortterm and in mid-term we plan to open new shops in prestigious places abroad. We continue our progress towards being a trade mark favored by art lovers who give priority to quality.

What would you add as a final word?

Carpet is not only a floor covering but also an important instrument reflecting your lifestyle and personality. It is our business card actually. I recommend to the customers that they should choose carpets addressing their likes and life styles and that they can always use cheerfully. And I recommend to the manufacturers with great modesty that we, as manufacturers, should work devotedly and patiently in order to give Turkish Carpet the honor it deserves.

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