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Mehmet Bostan: "All the processes of carpet production from the yarn production to delivering the carpet to the customer require a very neat and careful work. That is why Bossan Carpets made a principle of working style focusing on 100 percent quality."

Bossan Carpets is an important manufacturing company in the carpet sector and a significant commercial figure in Gaziantep, which is the carpet production center of Turkey. It is not all… Bossan Carpets is an important element of national economy with exportation to 102 countries. Most specific detail differentiating Bossan Carpets is the management style analyzing the process well and the quality-focused point of view. Mehmet Bostan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bossan Carpets, told us about their history and the problems of the sector. We, as Bossan Carpets, has maintained our business at full speed since 1950. Bossan Carpets made an entrance to the sector with production of a fabric, which is locally called "kutnu", on non-engine hand weaving looms. In a sense, our job is a heritage from the grandfather. Of course there has been a great development from the first day of "kutnu" production till today. It is interesting that we still continue "kutnu" production although there is a limited number of looms. We, as the latest generation, joined this process after taking over the company from our father in 1993.

Production Stage

Bossan has served in many branches of carpet sector since the beginning of 1950s, and become one of the major initiators of the development of weaving sector in Gaziantep. The company, which has been institutionalized in 1993, made a decision of being an integrated establishment in 1998 and upon this decision, we founded a polypropylene yarn production facility in Gaziantep in the year 2000. This has been a good model for many carpet companies and initiated establishing integrated facilities.
When we took over the business,technology was not as developed asit is today. On this account, the productionwas maintained by old fashionedlooms then. Computerizedmachines started to take part in theproduction approximately in theearly 2000s. At our factory, whichhas been developed day by day, wecontinue production with 39 machinestoday. While 24 of these areused for carpet production, theremaining 15 looms are used for fittedcarpet production.
Of course, there are important reasonsfor heading to fitted carpet production.We have ascertained thatthere is a great investment in fittedcarpet in the sector. Upon this finding,we moved our investments intofitted carpet production since we calculatedthat it would be more profitableto make investments in fittedcarpet production technology. Themain goal here is making a varietyin product range and catching thecommercial differences by minimizing the possible risks. In otherwords, our goal is to expanding to anew track in the market for ourselves.Today, with its 600 employees in a65 thousand m2 of covered area,latest technology weaving machines,innovative management and productionmethods and polypropylene yarnproduction facility, Bossan Carpetsproduce 15 million square meters ofcarpet every year and contribute tothe national economy by exportingthese products to 102 countries.We currently have a polyp and polyesteryarn production of 2500 tons.We use half of this production forour products and sell the remaininghalf both in domestic market andforeign markets. We producemonthly 2100 tons of polypropylenecarpet yarn and 500 tons of polyesteryarn. Thus, we can say that wehave a polyp and polyester yarn productionof monthly 2500-2600 andyearly 30 thousand tons.

Yarn Production Capacity

This year, there have really been great investments in Gaziantep. On one hand, this is a good progress to enjoy. On the other hand, it also contains disadvantages when we consider that the market is negatively affected by yarn production exceeding the use. On this account, we can say that investment in fitted carpet and carpet yarn production went to the extremes. How the market will react to the exceeding production can be seen clearly. The industrialists who would do the job for the next three years will decrease their investments and slow down. To make it clear, we can talk about a negativity or amount in excess in terms of carpet production and carpet yarn production for the next few years. We can clearly state: 2012 was a significant year for Gaziantep. We can say that there has never been such investments in Gaziantep previously, in other words there was an investment explosion in Gaziantep in 2012. We know that, even now, there are many manufacturers who currently cancelled carpet production machine orders and stopped yarn production. There is another important point here. This is a little about being educated about the sector. Some manufacturers, who are not self-taught about the sector, did not prefer to continue the paternal business, but found the profit margins high and tried to benefit from this situation. This business is not as easy or ordinary as it is seen…

Why is creating added vallue so significant?

We see this business and the product range we work for as a whole. We do not make any dfference between yarn production or carpet production but try to produce high value added products with attractive designs and patterns. For example from the carpet production, if a carpet goes in a process of production of 10 stages, a little problem in one of the stages cause carpet to lose its value. The carpet comes out as a defective product. For this reason, all the processes of carpet production, from the yarn production to delivering the carpet to the customer, require a very neat and careful work. Thus, you have to make a principle of working style focusing on 100 percent quality and achieve this. For all this reasons, I have to mention that this business is really exhausting and requires careful attention. High quality production is very important in our sector. In Bossan Carpets, all the products are carefully examined at every stage of the production and customer needs and demands are taken into consideration. Every detail from the beginning of production till the outcome is examined and in this way, we ensure the maximum customer satisfaction.
Great Initiative in Exportation Market Since it was founded, Bossan has achieved to make exportation to 102 countries. We still continue our active relationship with approximately 50 of these countries and we can say that we have significant exportation figures. In other words, we still have relations with 102 countries, yet, the relations with 50 of these countries are very active. Most of these countries are Arab countries, EU countries and the Americas. Also, we believe it should be considered that our exportation to African market and Far East Market tends to increase recently.

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