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Burhan Evrensel: "It is possible to convert financial crises into opportunities through finding the right markets in the sector and correctly analyzing these markets in terms of patterns and designs."

A significant trade mark which has maintained great business since it was founded… KRC Carpet, which is especially known for its business activities abroad and contribution to the national economy, continues being an effective and significant representative of the sector. We had an interview with Burhan Evrensel, the General Director of KRC Carpet, which aims at creating a comfortable life and attracts attention for its technological and accumulative production process.

Would you inform us about KRC Carpet, the foundation period and the process from then to now?

KRC Carpet, which has succeeded to take place in many region and many houses since 1993, founded its own production facility and became one of the well known companies in the carpet sector with its professional employee. Our company, which makes a hundred percent exportation, made up principles of customer satisfaction, innovations and quality; and proved this with R&D and innovation studies. The only goal of our company, which has guaranteed its quality with ISO 9001 certificate, is to be at the top in the sector.

How would you evaluate the status of carpet sector in particular and the status of sector in Turkey and global market in general?

KRC CARPET Carpet is sine qua non of home decoration in terms of both fashion and heat proofing. Consequently, to the global extent, just like textile, food and health industries are indispensable to human life, carpet is an important sub-branch of textile industry, which is indispensable as well. During the crises and fluctuations in global economy, people would postpone changing their carpets in an effort to keep up with the fashion because they are durable products. It is possible to convert financial crises into opportunities through finding the right markets in the sector and correctly analyzing these markets in terms of patterns and designs. Since labor cost is high in developed countries, especially in labor-intensive industry, these countries moved all production lines except heavy industry to countries, where labor costs are respectively low. Especially, in Belgium, which was the leader in carpet production till last 10-15 years, has kept producing machine production technology but moved carpet production to other countries except high value added carpets.

A new year means new beginnings. Could you tell us about your evaluation of the year 2012 and the vision and point of view of your company towards 2013?

When it is compared to 2011, the year 2012 has made a parallel progress for us. We increased the number of weaving looms and increased our production variations this year, just like in the previous years, via investments on development. For the year 2013, we plan to increase our production capacity not by purchasing new weaving looms and making high investments but overhauling the current looms and increasing the efficiency of current machine course.

Considering the local problems and global issues, how could we evaluate the current status? Does the carpet sector have adequate hardware and technology to overcome any kind of problems?How do you counter such problems as a company?

There have been local and global problems all over the world through the entire history. The important thing is having a wide and right customer portfolio. After all, quality is the first thing selling a product. After standardizing the quality and working for the right customer portfolio, local problems could only affect a company in terms of transportation. The carpet sector has no problems in technological substructure. The main problem is finding qualified staff.

How close does your company follow technology? Do you find your position adequate in terms of keeping with the hot competitive atmosphere of the sector?

In the carpet sector, the main department is the weaving department. The others are not as complicated as weaving department in terms of parameters. When you use new technology machine in the weaving department, carry on periodical maintenance of the machines and use the technology effectively, you do not fall short of other competitors. We find ourselves sufficient in terms of machine models and variations but there is no limit for knowledge. At this point, we follow every kind of innovations.

Could you tell us about your working styles in order to keep up with new products, new trends and any kind of innovations?

We have two styles of working at this point. The first one is following the innovations presented to market by our rivals and making innovations to compete with them. The second one is the common R&D and innovation studies we carried out in cooperation with our suppliers and R&D Design Department. Also, we are in contact with chemicals companies on chemical finishing processes which will bepopular in the future as we think.

What measures are to be taken in order to keep strong in the the domestic market and foreign market? Do you think the branding perception is matured?

In order to keep strong against competitive atmosphere, the key points are qualified labor force and branding. At this point, university-industry cooperation is needed in order to overcome the problem of qualified labor force. The perception of branding has started to mature in our country. We can see this more clearly in the companies working for the domestic market.

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