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Satış YTL


Boyteks´ quality, innovation and export marketing know-how in the mattress ticking and upholstery fabric industries will pave the way for their success in the carpet industry as well.

BOYTEKS CARPET Dedicated to high capacity production, the foundations of Boyteks carpet factory were laid on an open area of 112.500 square meters, and covered area of 65.000 square meters, where production commenced the second half of 2011. After becoming the main supplier of major domestic furniture brands in just a short period of time, Boyteks succeeded in becoming the preferred choice of major foreign furniture brands, as well. The company has increased production capacity by 100% in its first year. Goal is prominent: to become the world´s largest carpet manufacturer. Boyteks Carpet, operating within Boydak Holding, with its ever-growing capacity, trend-setter designs and innovations is well on its way to having a say in the carpet industry worldwide. Boyteks utilizes the latest technology production facilities and equipment to manufacture acrylic, woolen and polypropylene carpeting, as well as shaggy carpeting of varying qualities, all of which conform to strict international quality standards. Boyteks Carpets´ expert inhouse team of designers offer unique designs with each collection. Boyteks general manager Mr. Mustafa Yıldırım commented that "Boyteks Carpet is committed to brin ging quality, elaborately decorative designs and innovative products to this industry. Innovation and design are key elements in surviving through formidable global competition and making it to the forefront of the industry.

Whether it be production or export or industry, innovation is the means to creating added value. It is design and innovation that differentiates us from the rest, and brings us to the forefront. Mr. Yıldırım explains the 5 new innovative products introduced by Boyteks to the carpet industry as follows; "An expert R&D team differentiates Boyteks by effectively utilizing the latest technology available in this industry, not just in Turkey but in the world, at Boyteks Carpet facilities. For example; unlike previous products developed to treat odors, Triple Fresh is a sure solution for refreshing the ambient air by actually diffusing unwanted odors rather than masking or confining them. Triple Fresh acts as a catalyst that speeds up the natural rate of diffusion for improved air. On the other hand, another innovative product is our Amethyst carpet, which boosts the immune system thanks to its inherent energy, transforms the body´s negative energy to positive energy, and helps protect against the negative effects of electronic devices. The Probiotic Carpet Application is a completely new technology brought to this industry by us. After being applied on the carpet, Probiotic-based materials multiply easily subsiding on available nourishment in their environment, thus increasing the amount of probiotics in the environment.

Probiotics work to remove hazardous bacteria. Another available application is Stressfree. Static energy build up on our bodies is a part of life and occurs involuntarily with daily activities like getting dressed, walking and sleeping. Stressfree is an anti-static application that helps reduce stress and relieves the body of built up static electricity, thanks to a new technological development. On the other hand, Oxygen Plus relies on negative ion technology to increase the amount of oxygen in the environment. In case of an abundance of positive ions, complaints such as fatigue, headache, irritability, hypersensitivity, respiratory problems, etc. become commonplace. Oxygen Plus helps increase the concentration of oxygen available in the air we breathe." Mr. Yıldırım also shared information about upcoming fairs, "Boyteks will attend Domotex Hannover Carpet & Floor Coverings Fair from 11 to 15 January, 2013."

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