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Satış YTL

İbrahim Sökmen: “International trade fairs are the biggest platforms where new andexciting products are exhibited.”

Kammer Tekstil, importer andexporter of textile raw materials, hasstarted producing leather carpetsafter acquiring BNS Carpet in 2008.The company’s main goal for 2011is to double its leather carpet productionand to expand its manufacturingcapabilities into new products.

What would you like to say aboutyour company?

Kammer Tekstil was founded in year2000 to import and export textileraw materials. Kammer Tekstil startedmanufacturing leather carpets in2008 with the acquisition of BNSCarpet.

How could you describe your products?

We make various products such asmonofilament (fishing line) thread(0,35-0,40), nylon, ribbon (nonwoven),Topbaşı thread (white), silicon(Holtmet), and fringe-thermolux (selfdissolvingfishing line).

We know that Kammer Tekstil is acompany for innovation. Can youplease give some information aboutyour new products and your plansfor new investments?

As a company, we always try to integratenewly developed technologiesand materials into our products toserve our customers better. For example,plush leather was used in ourolder products but we now use flush(floss silk) application imported fromEurope in our new products.Furthermore, we continue addingmore innovative products to our portfolioby manufacturing productsusing fox and raccoon leathers aswell as batik and flora fabrics.

What are the goals of your companyfor 2011?

Our current monthly production volumeof plush leather carpet is 3.000sqm. However, we have made thenecessary investments to increase thisfigure to 6.000 sqm by the first halfof 2011. Furthermore, in line withthe above mentioned target, we planto expand the company’s 3.000 sqmproduction & warehouse area to50.000 sqm of which 10.000 sqm which will be a closed manufacturingand warehouse facility.

Would you please give some informationregarding your marketingactivities?

We are totally aware of the fact thata good marketing campaign can beresponsible for as much as 50% ofthe new product’s success in the market.Therefore, we do engage in variousmarketing activities to promoteour new products.

We know that you’ve planned toparticipate at the 2011 Eurasia FloorFair, would you please talk aboutyour thoughts regarding the event?

We believe that international tradefairs play a huge factor in our company’ssuccess and we think that theyare the biggest platforms where newinnovative products are exhibited.Therefore these various trade fairsare places where exhibitors and visitorscould find everything that theyare looking for all at one convenientlocation. 98% of the fairs make positiveeffect on the business.

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