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Serkan Okkıran: “We have diversified our collections with additions of new productsand we are very hopeful that we’ll receive the positive returns in 2011. We intend toenter new markets with these innovative products and increase our customer portfolio.”

Okkıran Tekstil has been recognizedwith a special award given by theGaziantep Carpets & Weavers Unionfor being one of the 20 largest carpetexporting companies located inthe southeast region of Turkey.Okkıran Tekstil’s target for 2011 is toraise the bar higher by using differenttechniques and threads in creationof new products.

What would you like to say aboutyour company?

Okkıran started its carpet productionactivities in 1993 with one weavingloom and the company has followedthe developments in technologyclosely and has grown in size since2001. Okkıran now produces carpetswith computerized weavinglooms at its facility located at theGaziantep Organized IndustrialZone. Through right investments andsuccessful marketing strategies, thecompany has taken the leader positionin its marketplace and it continuesto consider other relevant investmentoptions.Since its establishment year, OkkıranTekstil’s goal has been pretty muchthe same; continuously improve andgrow the company to provide customershigh quality products at reasonableprices, as a result of thesekey principles, the company hasmaintained an important position inthe sector by facilitating in its 16.000sqm closed area.With an investment made in 2004,Okkıran Tekstil created its own totallyintegrated PP spinning mill whichincludes Neumag brand machinesthat meets the company’s own threadneeds for production. Okkıran Tekstilexports a large part of 6.900.000sqm carpets and 3.600 tons of yarnthat it produces annually.

How could you describe your products?

We have various product groupssuch as; PP BCF, Heat-Set, Frieze,Shaggy, Cut & Loop Shaggy,Polyester Shaggy, piece and wall-towallcarpets.I know that your company places agreat deal of value on innovationand you said that you believed in thecritical role of right investments.

Would you mind telling about someof your innovative products andinvestment plans?

Thanks to new investments made bythe company, we started producingPP Shaggy, Cut & Loop Shaggy andPolyester Shaggy. These new excitingproducts enabled us to expand ourproduct portfolio. As far as some ofthe new things that we have donerecently are concerned, I must saythat we have accelerated our advertisingand promotional activities.

What are the goals of your companyfor 2011?

At a time when export has declinedin recent years in Turkey, our companyaccomplished the difficult andbecame the 91st company in a list ofbest 100 companies located in thesoutheast region of Turkey that didmost exports by volume. In additionto that, we have been so honoredwhen our company was recognizedwith a special award given by theGaziantep Carpets & Weavers Unionfor being one of the 20 largest carpetexporting companies in Turkey.As well as this,our goal for 2011 isto raise the bar higher to becomeone of the top companies in Turkeyand we have been working on somekey projects to achieve this. We havealready accomplished our previousgoal which was to expand the productportfolio to serve our customersbetter by buying some newmachines. We have diversified ourcollections with addition of new innovativeproducts and we are so hopefulthat we will receive the positivereturns of our hard work in 2011.We also plan to enter new marketswith these products in order toincrease our customer portfolio.Furthermore, we want to follow upvarious trends and changes in technologywith our R&D department sothat we could incorporate findingsinto product development. We planon introducing new products madeby using different techniques andthreads.

Would you please give some informationregarding your marketingactivities?

As advertising and promotion gainedmore importance in recent years,westarted considering taking moreactions. In the following months,weare planning to work with a professionalteam to redesign our companylogo and create a brand new catalogas well as advertisement brochures.In addition to all these activities, weare planning on creating a new websitecontaining a short introductionvideo about our company’s historyand activities.

We know that you will be participatingat the 2011 Eurasia Floor Fair,would you mind talking about yourthoughts regarding the event?

Eurasia Floor Fair has proven itself tobe recognized as a successful internationalevent and this alone is themain reason why our company hasplanned to take part in it as anexhibitor. We are hopeful that 2011Eurasia Floor show will be very successfulas it has always been in thepast. We’d like to thank everyone atMarka Fair for organizing such awonderful fair.

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