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Ahmet Yaşar: “In 2011, we believe that products designed with attractive colors andpatterns using materials such as anti-allergic and anti-bacteria to improve living spacesand human health will be very much in high demand.”

Ay (Moon) Carpet meeting with customersfor the first time at the 2010Middle East Carpets & Interiors Fairin Gaziantep received a perfect scorefrom them for its high quality andtrendy products. Even though AyCarpet started producing carpetsonly in 2009, it happens to be ayoung and dynamic brand whichpromises to gain a lot of strength inshort time. Ay Carpet is an environmentallyconscious company thatuses the kinds of materials based onthe environment. We had a conversationwith Ay Carpet’s chairmanAhmet Yaşar regarding his brandand some of the carpet trends of 2011.

What would you like to say aboutAy Carpet?

Ay Carpet, started production in2009, met with its customers for thefirst time at the 2010 Middle EastCarpets & Interiors Fair inGaziantep.As in most sectors, in carpet sector aswell we see incredible developments,new models, styles, and a widerange of colors which in a wayforced us to design new products tomeet both needs and demands of ourcustomers. Ay Carpet is a kind ofbrand which was created throughtaking customers’ feedback into consideration.

How could you describe your products?

Unlike other materials used on normalcarpets, we use materials suchas cowhides, original lam fur, antiallergic& anti-bacteria imitationleather, and imitation plush for thepeople who lack of environment.Based on special color, design, pattern,and size; we make customizedproducts to meet our customers’every special need.

What would you like to say about2011 carpet trends?

In 2011, we believe that productsdesigned with attractive colors andpatterns using materials such as antiallergic and anti-bacteria to improveliving spaces and human health willbe very much in high demand.

What are the goals of your companyfor 2011?

Our most important goal for 2011 isto achieve the same level of successin international markets as we didenjoy in the domestic market. Weplan to accomplish better export revenuesthrough participating atdomestic and international trade fairsby contributing to the country’s economy.

What would you like to say about thecarpet sector in general?

We truly hope that Turkish carpetsector will be known by more peoplein the world. The country’s economygaining more strength in 2011;warmer political relations beingdeveloped with countries in theMiddle East region; and more countrieslifting visa requirements toTurkish businessmen will helpTurkey’s mission to make its carpetsector the leader of the world.

Is there anything else you would liketo add?

We would like to thank you for youreffort to promote our carpet sectorthrough your magazines and wehope that your successful work in thisfield will continue for the followingyears.

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