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Kutayfer Memiş: “It’s very important to have a rich variety of products, in order tobecome a brand in the international market.”

Gaziantep’s modern textile companyTat Textile has been collecting thefruits of success from their long-terminvestments. From yarn to carpetmanufacturing, Tat Textile wants tobecome a well known brand in theindustry. Tat Textile’s chairman of theboard of directors Mr. KutayferMemiş introduced us the company.

Could you tell us about your company’shistory?

Tat Textile Industry&TradingCorporation is a member of TatGroup. The company was set up in2004 with a capacity of producing4,000 tons/year of heat-set P.P.yarn. The following year, in 2005purchase and capacity doubled andin the beginning of 2006. In 2007we bought four Van De Wielemachines to our company and againTAT improved the capacity in 2010with the latest technology of Neumagmachines with Triply yarn to 2,000tons/year TAT had been proved itselfin the domestic and internationalmarkets by being able to serve productswith a capacity of 10,000tons/year freeze, Heatset and tricoloryarns. The company is locatedat the Second Industrial Zone ofGaziantep and placed in a complexof 23,000 sqm. area with 15,500sqm. closed area. We have the latesttechnological machines such as twoNeumag S5’s, three Valkmann SingleTwisting, six Valkmann CableTwisting, two ICBT, five Superba(Heat set), three Superba FreezeMachines. Next year, we’d like tobuy more BCF machine and manufacturetotal 12,000 ton/year. Ourvision is innovative and our priority iscustomer satisfaction. In order toreach the end consumer, we need tobe integrated and that’s why wehave invested in the carpet industry.

What are your marketing plans for2011-2012?

We focused on becoming one of themost famous brand by our serviceand production quality that brought us Tufting manufacturers and carpetweaving producers…It’s very important to have variety wewould like to become a brand in theinternational market. With newinvestments, we’ll be able to sellmore products into the market in2011-2012. In the meanwhile wewill continue to give better and fasterservice to our customers.

What makes Tat Textile different thanothers in the market?

Tat Group has been successful foryears, because customer satisfactionis a company priority. To achieve thisgoal, we have high quality productsand provide excellent service. Bydoing this, we have proved our difference.

Which trade fairs and organizationsdo you attend?

We have been attending DomotexHannover on a regular basis. Wehave also stand in 2011 as well as2010. That fair will be a landmarkfor us. This year we’ll attend byexhibiting our designs within 180sqm at Hall-2 / D-34 . We’ve beenpreparing designs for European market.We have unique designs andcolors for broadlooms.

Why did you invest on the triplyyarns?

Nowadays service is one of the mostimportant point as well as the qualityand we know how important theinnovation in global market to beenlarged that’s why we have to addnew variety to our production portfolio,then we immediately added toour machine park tricolor NeumagS5 machine, this investment will addsome more colors to our productportfolio… Within this machine wewill be able to produce from 1200Dtex to 4000Dtex Heatset / Freezesingle ply yarn and we are capableof producing 7 different mélangealthough other regular machines areproducing maximum 5 differentmélanges , it makes our customer’scolours difficult to copied by others.That’s the most important point forTufters since they prefer various typesof mélange colors.

What are your expectations for2011?

By enlarging our customer portfolio,we targeted to make more investmentson production capacity bybuying new machines that wealready finalized feasibility searches.

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