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Satış YTL

Nuri Direkçi: “Our main goal is to provide new and quality products at reasonable prices.After sale warranty service is a key principle at our company. We perfectly knowthat customer satisfaction is extremely important for our company; therefore, everyemployee at Anmak takes care of business in the eyes of the customers. We believethat we are taking all the necessary right steps as we continue our strong growth eachyear in this sector.”

Since 1970s, Anmak has been manufacturingmachines which are usedin production of readymade carpetand velvet products. The companyfully utilizes its forty years of invaluableexperience and extensive dealernetwork to meet the various demandsof its domestic and international customers.Anmak closely follows technologicaldevelopments and provides effectiveand on-time service to its customers.Thanks to the company’s after salewarranty service, Anmak has customers’trust as well as a great numberof good references.

What would you say about yourcompany?

We have been in the carpet sectorfor many years manufacturingmachines which are used in productionof readymade carpet and velvetproducts. Over the years, we havereceived a great number of good referencesfrom all over the world complimentingon our new and specialproducts. For instance, many companiesare using our Automatic CarpetCarving Machine which providesirresistible advantages to businessessuch as; high speed in production,lower cost & highest carving qualityand capability of using specialdesign applications. Users of thismachine can choose many differentoptions and they would be able toapply their imaginative designs righton the carpets. Our main goal is to provide new and quality products atreasonable prices. After sale warrantyservice is a key principle at thiscompany. We perfectly know thatcustomer satisfaction is extremelyimportant for our company; therefore,every employee at Anmak takescare of business in the eyes of thecustomers. We believe that we aretaking all the right steps as we continueour strong growth each year inthis sector.

How would you describe your products?

We manufacture various types ofmachines used in the carpet sector.To name a few: Carpet QualityControl & Inspection Machine, OneDrum & Double Drums Steam BackCoating Machines for Carpet, SteamStation (Complete), Full Automaticand Manual Carpet WindingMachines, Carpet Rolling Machinefor Wall-to-Wall, Back CoatingMachine for Artificial Grass Carpet,Backcoating Machine for TuftedCarpets, Automatic Carpet CarvingMachine with Computer, CarpetWidth Finishing Machine, Automaticand Manual Right-Left CarpetOverlock Machines, Carpet ShearingMachine with One Cylinder & TwoCylinders, Carpet Edge Sticking andGluing Machine, Conveyor Band andConveyor Ramp, Carpet ShrinkMachine, Conical and DirectBeaming Machines, Length CuttingMachine and Carpet CleaningMachine for Acrylic and Wool TypeCarpets.

What are your company goals for2011?

We feel that 2011 will be a muchbetter year than the last year. Weplace great value on R&D activitiesand through this quality and invaluableresearch work we were able todevelop some new innovative products.Customers can expect to see thefollowing machines with latest technologyin 2011; conveyor ramp, onedrum back coating machine, carpetcleaning machine, length cuttingmachine, automatic carpet carvingmachine and much more.

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