Satış YTL
Satış YTL

“Akdeniz Display Systems Co. who is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter ofdisplay stands, is a part of Akdeniz group companies.”

The group is consisted of severalcompanies professionalized in differentfields of industry such as glassmanufacturing and processing, aluminiumand application of aluminiumon buildings, manufacturing andapplications of garage doors, projectingand application of glass onbalconies and front areas of building.The company has started activationsin 1978 with a glass projectingoffice in Konya and nowadays, it hasthe largest glass processing factory ofthe Anatolian region in Tur key.

One of the most important part of the group companies is display systems manufacturing factory, which is mainly professionalized on manufacturing and exporting of carpet display stands. Nowadays, Akdeniz Carpet Display Systems Co. has the largest capacity in the world for manufacturing carpet display stands, and we are exporting our products more than 97 countries starting from Canada, USA, Mexico, Chili, Brazil, Uruguay, mainly European countries, Middle East, Africa up to Russia, India, Korea, Singapore, Australia and even Japan. We have more than one hundred types and ranges of carpet displaying systems with everyknown sizes and capacities.

Our research and development team always working on new ideas, and we are the first manufacturer and exporter of remote control carpet display stands which has been presented first time on Domotex Hannover. We are renewing and inventing new carpet displaying and presentingracks every year.

Our stands are very decorative and well painted with the highest painting technology located in our factory. We are exhibiting our products at global and local fairs, such as Domotex Hannover (which is the largest and most known exhibition for floor covering), Domotex Dubai, Eurasia Floor Istanbul, Gaziantep Carpet Exhibition and etc. We are managing almost 4 or 5 exhibition in a year and we are presenting our new displaying stands to our customers coming to these exhibitions from all over the world. In today’s world, marketing something in a best way needs to display on a best system in order to increasethe attractiveness of the products.

Especially carpets need to be presented on a best way to attract the customer. We, as Akdeniz team, are always trying to find best solutions for displaying carpets for our customers and we are ready to design every carpet showroom of our customers from different countries. We are not only manufacturing the display stands, but also our design team will draw your showroom on the best optimum way and will place the display stands with the maximum capacity.

Akdeniz Carpet Display Systems Company has also started to manufacture laminate parquet display stands and ceramic display stands since 2007. On the other hand, opinions and advices of our customers about renewing and designing carpet display stands are most welcome. We are always measuring and evaluating the market needs, and we are really happy to receive the opinions, claims and advices of our customers in order to renew our products.

Akdeniz team will continue to renovate and invent new carpet display stands with the power that we feel from our customers, and will continue to serve the displaying sector with a great honor.

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