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Satış YTL

The Balta Group, a global market leader in floor coverings, will again be present at the23rd Domotex show from January 15 until January 18, 2011 in Hannover, Germany.

The company will show exciting andnew innovative collections in allproduct categories. Thanks to theacquisition of Domo Floorcoverings,the Balta product portfolio has beenextended with needlefelt, fungrass,carpet tiles (modulyss), PP fibres andyarns (Exelto) and technical textiles(Captiqs). Domo Floorcoverings andModulyss will be added to the mainBalta stand A30 in Hall 6 as separatebusiness units with their ownproduct offering. Balta will put focuson the continuity of its three wall-towallbusiness units Balta Broadloom,Domo and ITC, who will be showingtheir products next to the area rugdivision Balta Rugs. Balta’s laminatedivision Balterio will be present inHall 7 Stand C28 with a wide offerof sustainable laminate flooring.

Balta Broadloom Wool and PPstill setting trends

Two of the highlights on the BaltaBroadloom stand will certainly be"Heartbreaker", a more trendyStainsafe PP/PES shaggy with arefined texture and ‘SandringhamWilton’ a brand new traditionallywoven 6 frame Wilton collection withexciting new patterns and colours. Atthe occasion of the 25th anniversaryof Balta’s flagship "Gala", an updatedcolour palette will be presented atthe show together with a texturedloop called ‘Gala Design’.

ITC shows latest Chromojet technologyand trendy "silklook" products

limit! The specialist for contract anddomestic carpet made frompolyamide, will present an innovativeproduct portfolio with the option toadd any individual design up to 500cm width.The newcomers in the standardrange incorporate the trendy silklookaspect for a splendid presentation.Products such as Exclusivo, Santoriniand Serenade are shiny eye catchersmade from 100% Imprel polyamideand designed for heavy wear areas.They offer best comfort and alladvantages of a high-quality, textileflooring.

Balta Rugs excels in design, color,touch and innovation

Balta Rugs is the absolute trendsetterin High-pile Shaggy carpets, Cosyrugs and Flatweave rugs. New innovativetechniques are used to give therugs a voluminous and rich look,combined with a comfortable, softtouch. Various product categorieshave been given a requisite expansionand renewal. The Balta RugsTeam is happy to show you the bestrugs in the market.

Balterio: Narrow and wide planksand expansion of the Magnitudecollection

Impressio, the new collection fromBalterio, capitalises on the trend for wider planks. On a royal plank formatof 1261 x 244 mm, this collectionfeatures six contemporarydesigns finished with a V-groove onthe long side. The wider than standardplanks give the floor the robustlook of real parquet. The new Strettocollection offers just the opposite,through 12 designs on a narrowplank format of 1263x134 mm. Thesubtle foursided micro V-groove confersa chic and authentic look ontothe narrow plank. The successfulMagnitude collection with the originalChromeZone technology andslightly shining wood grain, isexpanded with four pretty and moderndesigns, bringing the total numberof designs for Magnitude to 12.Tradition Elegant, introduced onDomotex 2010, is expanded by 6new oak decors in colours rangingfrom light, over natural to grey.With the new Impressio collection,Balterio now offers customers achoice of five plank formats in twolengths and five widths.

Domo Floorcoverings introduces newcollections at Domotex 2011

Neptunus, a continental polyamide(PA) saxony will be introduced in afully new 25 colour pallet. Berlin, a100% PA loop pile carpet, is in fullharmony with the 2011 interiorcolour trends. Innovation will bedemonstrated by new introductionssuch as Bellezza and Bernini, two100% multi-tonal PA products onwoven felt backing offering a flameretardant solution for high demandingconsumers. Whisper is the latestaddition to the extensive polypropylene(PP) loop pile collection in anattractive two-tonal colour range.

modulyss maintains focus oninnovation and quality

modulyss remains the leading creatorand manufacturer of 50x50 cmcarpet tiles for the European contractmarket (offices, public buildings,hotels, shops, meeting facilities, etc).With modulyss Balta reaches out toarchitects who are looking for highlyqualitative and trendy, yet affordable,carpet tile solutions.Next to being a manufacturer, theInternational architectural firms andinterior architects will get to knowmodulyss as a key advisor to themfor finding the ideal carpet tile solutionand design concepts. Thanks tothe modulyss collection architectswill be able to create numerousdesign combinations and variations,adding extra touch, colour anddimension to every space or location.The chromatic palette varies fromvivid trendy colours to organic coloursets inspired by nature.

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